Hi, we’re Eve and Artem.


At Constanta Realty, our goal is simple – to help you realise your dream of successful property investment.

We know what it means to build wealth from the ground up, and we want to help you do the same.

After moving to Australia over five years ago and beginning work in property management, we started to notice something strange: some people were making millions, while others were finding themselves backed into a corner having to sell their one and only asset.

Why were some investors so much more successful than others?

It turned out there was no simple answer. As we sifted through books and websites, attended seminars, and closely observed the behaviour of the successful investors around us, we realised there’s a lot more to real estate investment than most people think.

For the next few years, researching real estate investment became an obsession. By compiling the facts and comparing the success stories to the failures, we identified the key qualities and ideas that drive success and turned them into an Ultimate Action Plan that helped us get into the property game for the first time.

We firmly believe that property investment is not just for the incredibly rich.

We believe that smart property investment can make the average person, with an average salary, more successful and wealthy. But just knowing how to manage your money isn’t enough. Smart investment means holding back on making a move until you understand the investment process inside out. It means having a clear vision and a systematic approach right from the start.

We knew that without the right information and advice, many young investors would end up making costly mistakes, being taken advantage of, and learning the pitfalls of property investment the hard way. They needed a resource they could trust – and we had just created it!

Our Ultimate Action Plan will take you, step by step, towards your property investment goals.

Our Ultimate Action Plan consists of four Smart Guides. This “roadmap” for property investing not only gives you the information you need to make sound decisions but boils it down into a form that’s easy to follow and helps you apply it to your individual situation.

Our Smart Guides are about giving you the knowledge and understanding to make your own informed decisions as you navigate each stage of the property acquisition process. Our Ultimate Action Plan will make sure you are always one step ahead of the game.

Nothing in life is a sure thing, but by following these guides you’ll rest easy knowing you’ve given yourself the best possible chance of success.

A little more about us…

We have been living in Australia for over five years. We absolutely love this country and are interested in all things property.

Eve is a certified Australian real estate specialist with experience working in the real estate industry in Sydney, Brisbane, and Moscow. She is the former lawyer and the heart and soul of the Constanta Realty project.

Artem is our strategist and mastermind. He is working in the consulting industry as an analytics professional.

After years learning from the best in the industry and investing in property ourselves, we are passionate about sharing our knowledge to help beginner investors make smart, informed decisions as they embark on their property investment journey.

Our carefully curated web-sanctuary is packed full of useful information based on Australian legislation, experience, research, facts, and figures.

We are quite different from many other websites because we are not involved with the selling of property in any way. We have no vested interests and will never encourage property buyers to make hasty decisions in order to “get rich quick”.

Instead, we believe the best way to win the property game is through gaining knowledge, relying on professional advice, and making smart decisions. Stay on track with our proven tools and techniques.

If you have any questions, ideas or inquiries, we would love to hear from you.

You can leave comments on articles, drop us a quick note through the contact form, or send us an email at mail@constantarealty.com