This section contains answers to our most commonly asked questions. 

What is the purpose of this website?

Constanta Realty is for anyone who is interested in building wealth through property investment.
In particular, our Smart Guides are an incredible resource if you:

  • are frustrated by the scarcity of useful, unbiased information about property investing
  • feel lost in a sea of statistics and confusing media messages
  • aren’t sure where to start or how to buy your first property
  • need some encouragement and inspiration along the way.

Whether you’re thinking of purchasing your very first investment property or expanding your existing property portfolio, our Smart Guides can provide you with all the knowledge you need – knowledge that would otherwise entail months or even years of research.

All property buyers, especially new ones, face a barrage of information from a myriad of sources. Learning about investment is no easy task, to begin with, but when so many of the messages we are fed seem to contradict each other it can start to seem positively impossible! Making matters worse are property spruikers promising get-rich-quick schemes and big companies taking advantage of uninformed investors.

This is one of the main reasons people fail in building their property portfolio – too much information from untrustworthy sources. It’s not fair, and it’s not right. That’s what drives us to share the fruits of our research with you – to even the playing field and help you make the right investments as a solid foundation for your future.

We’ve put together all the information you need to buy a residential property in Australia. We have sorted the true from the false and collated everything in one place so you can prepare yourself to enter the property game quickly and easily. All our information is gathered from trusted and official resources based on Australian legislation and the commentary of leading real estate specialists. 

What is the story behind Constanta Realty?

It’s a bit of a long story, you might want to get yourself a cup of tea…

I (Eve) started working in the real estate industry in Australia as a property manager in Brisbane. It was an interesting, full-on job. We rented out units purchased by investors in a beautiful high-rise building in the heart of Hamilton. The area was evolving – infrastructure was continually being updated; cafes and restaurants were popping out everywhere. That’s why many people wanted to live there: proximity to CBD, public transport and places of interest.

Our days were filled with the excitement of getting new investors on board, finding good tenants for them, and keeping their properties in the best condition possible. We were very busy and didn’t have much time to chat, but I always made sure I took the time to talk to owners and tenants who liked to pop in on a nice sunny weekday on their way to the gym or work. It was a mine of information from many different perspectives.

I didn’t know and think much about investing and investors back then, I just admired the fact that these wealthy people somehow managed to earn enough money to purchase a brand-new unit (or two!) in a great area that was going through a construction boom.

One day, an elegant old man in a nice suit came into the office. He was the owner of a two-bedroom unit in the building. He asked what I thought about surrounding suburbs and whether he should invest somewhere there. He said he owned 18 properties across Australia and was looking to expand his property portfolio.

I couldn’t believe it. Eighteen properties? Really? To me, it felt near impossible to even buy one! Everything seemed so expensive and out of reach.

A few days later, the owner-occupier of a beautiful two-bedroom unit came to the office. He said that he wanted to sell his property and move elsewhere because he didn’t like the construction around the corner and was tired of tenants moving in and out.

Our building was only two years old and in pretty good condition, and I knew that this owner took very good care of his property. And yet, the valuation came in $20,000 below the price he had paid for it two years ago. Obviously, he wasn’t happy!

I was confused because at the time I believed property prices go only up and never down. Just because it’s real estate! As I was beginning to learn, this wasn’t always the case.

Soon after, one of the owners sold his only investment property – a tiny studio without a carpark. He couldn’t keep up with mortgage repayments and other expenses even though he had a constant stream of rent hitting his account monthly.

This fortuitous chain of events really got me thinking. I started to realise that some of the pieces were missing from the puzzle that was my understanding of the real estate world. I just didn’t get why some people had 18 properties and counting, while others weren’t even able to keep on top of the mortgage repayments for one.

What about all those stories from magazines about ordinary investors who made a fortune buying and selling real estate? In real life, I was seeing investors making a loss from selling their one and only property – and after holding it for only a couple of years, at that. There should have been some price increase… shouldn’t there? Or did I have it all wrong?

I decided to investigate. I was determined to find out what property investment is all about, how to become a real estate investor, how to make money in real estate, and what knowledge or tools people need to be successful.

The main question I had in mind was: How can I get started in property investing and be successful?

Researching and gathering information about real estate investment became my after-work obsession. It took me almost three years of research to build a substantial knowledge base, to be able to separate the true from the false. I read many books written for investors, attended flashy seminars and webinars, and browsed hundreds of websites.

I found that many successful rich people had made their fortunes in real estate, while others had made their fortunes in other industries but still used property investment to preserve and multiply their money. I studied dozens of success stories of property investors in Australia, and I found that they all have certain things and ideas in common – ideas they use to succeed.

I shared all my findings and ideas with Artem, who has always supported my passion. We decided that we wanted to put the ideas of successful property investors into practice – to start investing! But we also wanted to use what we had learned to help others do the same.

That’s why we’ve turned the plan that guided us to investment success into a step-by-step Ultimate Action plan, consisting of four comprehensive Smart Guides. 

We invite you to explore our Smart Guides and join us on our investment journey. Let’s discover the Australian property market together!

What is the Ultimate Action Plan?

The Ultimate Action Plan is your step-by-step manual to the Australian real estate world. It is the ultimate resource for beginner property investors who want to build wealth through property. This 13-step guide to buying your first asset is divided into four easily digestible Smart Guides.

Our Ultimate Action Plan started as a step-by-step system for ourselves to stay on track. But it turned out so well that we couldn’t keep it to ourselves! We decided to share it with every beginner property investor out there.

We believe that all property buyers should know the main concepts of the real estate industry and be aware of the property game rules. This guide is specifically created to help novice investors navigate their way through the property acquisition maze.

The Ultimate Action Plan takes you through what to expect at every stage of the complicated, multifaceted process that is property investment. Each of the 13 steps represents a move you need to take in order to become a successful property investor and future-proof your property portfolio.

We are constantly expanding and perfecting our Ultimate Action Plan to make sure it is always relevant and up to date.

What are Smart Guides?

Our four Smart Guides uncover specific, detailed information about buying residential real estate in Australia. We did the research for you and collated all the most useful information in one place, so it is infinitely easier to prepare yourself for the property game.

The Smart Guides show you how exactly to buy your first investment property, step by step. They teach you how to play the property game like a pro and include tips on avoiding costly mistakes. All information is sourced from trusted and official resources and is based on Australian legislation.

Too many people jump into property investment blindly, make heaps of mistakes early on, fall into heavy debt, and only then (and only if they’re lucky) realise how to do it right, recovering and literally rising from the ashes of bankruptcy. This process of learning could take years or even decades.

There is no need to learn it the hard way!

Smart investors save their time, focus on gaining the right knowledge before they make the first move, and implement risk minimisation strategies. They have a clear vision, a refined system, and a systematic approach right from the start, which allows them to make informed decisions at every stage of the process.

The information and strategies you need have been there for decades. But only now are they available in one simple resource – our Ultimate Action Plan which consists of four comprehensive Smart Guides. 

To see the contents and learn more, visit our Smart Guides page.

Why study Smart Guides myself? I can hire someone to buy Australian property for me.

You might think it’s enough to know about property prices and so-called “hot spots” in major cities – suburbs where everyone is buying real estate because there is new construction going on and it is believed that property prices will significantly increase, helping investors to “get rich quick”.

A long history of hundreds of unsuccessful purchases in Australia and many expert opinions prove that this is not necessarily the case. It is simply not enough to just read a few magazines and buy where everyone else is buying. You need to prepare properly and understand the property market you are going to invest in.

But why do you need to learn if you can delegate the job to local specialists?

First of all, no one is more interested in your success than yourself. You are making the final decision, and you should understand what that means.

Second, buying real estate is not the same as buying a designer handbag or even a car. A lot of money is involved, and all decisions must be made based on comprehensive knowledge and facts.

And third, how will you even choose a local specialist if you don’t know what you’re looking for? You need to find a good, honest, experienced professional who will act in your best interests. You simply cannot tell whether a given professional is right for you if you don’t know which questions to ask and how to tell the truth of what they are saying.

Even if you’ve been recommended a property agent by a friend, it is always good to feel confident in your own knowledge and rely on facts and figures instead of someone’s subjective opinion. The best way not to be fooled is to educate yourself.

For someone considering buying a real estate in Australia, it is important to understand not only the present – the process of buying real estate – but also how to plan for the future. For example, you need to learn about factors that influence Australian property markets, so that you can choose a property that will continue to increase in value and attract the best tenants. You also need to learn about property buying expenses, because they have a huge impact on your budget and ability to invest.

By following our four Smart Guides, you will be digging deeper than 90% of beginner investors. You will accumulate a good knowledge base before committing buying one of the most significant assets of your life. And you’ll make informed decisions that build a stronger foundation for your future.